Jakcom smart ring

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  • 1. Secret Protection :This Smart Ring can be the KEY of your phone even your house door(13.56mhz frequency door Lock).
  • 2. Control Cellphone : This Smart Ring can Automatic Launch Task of your phone no matter single or multiple.(Call ,Music ,Settings ,Application ,etc).
  • 3. Share Information : This Smart Ring can share multitudinous information what you want to other NFC phone(business card ,website link URL ,image-text message).
  • 4. NXP Dualcore Chip : This Smart Ring has two built-in NFC chipsets which are sealed inside the zircon/diamond and the other side of ring.(Each chipset can be programmed for different functions).
  • 5. Features & Compatible : This Smart Ring is built by Pure Titanium ring arm(Black) Rose Gold(White) with IP68 waterproof and never need to charge ; All the Android ,Windows Phone and BlackBerry with NFC function can normally apply it.( Not supported Iphone at this time).