Multi purpose survival Gravity hook

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Ever wonder where Batman gets his wonderful toys? Now you don't have to! Pick up a Gravity Hook in Stainless Steel and you are ready to save the day! 

The multifunctional grappling hook is a cross between a mechanical claw and a grappling hook. When it touches down, gravity pushes the jaws open. Lifting it closes the jaws around your prize. 

Tie any rope or string to the "shackle" at the bottom and drop your Gravity Hook to pick up anything you'd like! Tighten the nuts and bolts on one of the crosslinks and/or use the provided O-rings to keep the Gravity Hook closed. 

What makes it high performance? 

- Can be used just as a 2 pronged hook. 

- "Bites" objects that might slip out of a grapnel. 

- Installing the Cross Hook makes it a 4 pronged grappling hook. 

- Compact enough to be stowed on a back pack strap. 

- Can be dismantled for more compact storage. 

This high quality and durable folding grappling hook can be used in outdoor activities and wilderness survival and adventure activities. It is one of the essential equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Please make sure that your rope is tight and strong enough because it comes without rope. 

The hook claw reaches the highest level of hardness by using the oil quenching process and hence provides extreme operating reliability. 

What's inside: 

1x Gravity Hook (Assembled) 

1x Bat Gear Tie 

2x Rubber O-ring 


The folding grappling hook has NOT been tested or certified to bare human weight. 

NEVER use it where failure or dislodging might cause bodily harm or property damage. 

Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury, death, or property damage. 

NOT intended for unassisted climbing or load bearing applications where failure would cause damage or injury.